After School


Here at Little Acorns Grow Reseda we consider our after school program an extension of our Elementary school program. During the after school hours we can get a more in-depth exploration of the arts and sciences which strengthens school work, stimulates creativity and encourages confidence and teamwork.

We take great care in finding highly qualified and specialized teachers for our after school enrichment classes. All enrichment classes are included in the after school program. The after school program takes place on campus.

After school hours: 2:45pm – 5:30pm

“It’s rare to find such an extensive and well planned after school program. I love that it takes place right on campus with teachers my children are already familiar with. The additional after school specialized teachers are really exceptional and so great with the students. I’m so happy my daughters have the opportunity to explore all these wonderful activities. They are learning and discovering so much!” – Parent

Fine Arts


We love art! During the Fine Arts classes students participate in collaborative process-based projects as well as individual ones that they can take home with them. We also incorporates big messy art projects, sculpturing, color theory and a variety of paint mediums.

Every Spring the entire school puts on a very successful Art Exhibition and Auction.


Exploring water colors.



At Little Acorns Grow Reseda we have an extensive music program. In addition to our Music Appreciation class we also have a school choir that performs at school events and instruments classes such as recorder and rhythm sticks. The students are also taught music notation and theory.

Science and Robotics


A love of science is so important. To build upon the science units taught during the school day, we offer additional hands-on science labs after school. We recently added Robotics to our after school program, where students learn basic engineering concepts while exploring their creativity and imagination.

Sports, Dance and Yoga


We offer a variety of different physical classes. The sports will rotate depending on the season, giving the students exposure to a range of physical activity.

Our weekly dance classes are always a blast!


We also have a weekly Hatha Yoga class that the students love!


We offer weekly theater classes. This class is a great confidence builder and works on performance and presentation skills, team work and memorization. The students work on monologues, plays, improvisation and speaking up.

Each spring the school puts on a play for friends and family where the students get to dress up in costume and learn lines. It’s always a lot of fun for everyone involved.


Additional Classes

Classes rotate during the school year. Please contact admissions for our current schedule.