Early Start Kindergarten (TK)


Our Transitional Kindergarten or Early Start Kindergarten Program is designed for children 4-5 years of age. We create a nurturing and fun environment for your child to grow and learn so that he or she will be more than prepared to enter into Kindergarten.


Transitioning into Kindergarten and elementary school can be a stressful time for your child. Being able to understand the expectations and social rules required of them can elevate unnecessary pressure on your child. Therefore a well thought out Transitional Program is essential. It will not only increase your child’s confidence but also improve social interactions and provide an openness to new experiences.

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The Little Acorns Grow Early Start Kindergarten program focuses on hands-on learning to grasp literacy and math concepts. We understand that each child learns differently and provide many different ways for our students to learn. Each student is able to go at their own pace so that the more advanced students can thrive. Because of our small class sizes students that might need more time on a specific subject can have the desired attention he or she might need. We currently utilize the acclaimed Zoo phonics program to read and write our letters.

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Our day also includes plenty of free and outside play when the students can explore their creativity and imagination as well as work on their social skills.

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In addition to our comprehensive literacy and math curriculum we provide the following


Physical Education

Our physical education program including various sports, yoga and martial arts.

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Our students love our hands-on science experiments.

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We love arts and provide the opportunity to try various mediums, big and small.

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We have an extensive music program that includes singing, rhythms and performing.

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Cooking and Gardening

Each week we have a cooking class where the kids can try new foods. We also utilize our vegetables and fruits from our garden.

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Animal Encounters

Learning and meeting new animals is a great way for our students to explore biology and develop empathy and discipline.

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After a year in our Early Start Kindergarten program our students are ready and prepared to enter Kindergarten and continue their academic journey with excitement and joy.

Administrators and teachers work together with the parents to make the transition into Kindergarten as smooth as possible.

For more information about enrolling in our Early Start Kindergarten Program please contact admissions at 818-779-1099.