Our Philosophy


Taking inspiration from Montessori, Reggio and Waldorf, our school is a blend of educational philosophies creating a fun, safe and encouraging learning environment for all. We are not affiliated with any specific group or religion. Relationships are central to learning. A kind, warm and caring relationship between the family, student and school provide a foundation of trust and security for the students. This creates an optimal learning experience.

Individualization of learning is key to the success of all of our students. Each child is different. They have different likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Some gravitate toward art, others academics or sports. Whatever innate qualities your child has, we will build an individualized learning experience that will provide a strong educational foundation.  We as teachers set an example of positive attitude toward learning. From social skills to research, teachers model the behavior they would like to see in the students.

Through music, art, make believe and exploration of our wonderful world, children learn that discovering new things is fun. Learning should be integrated. For example, an art project can be a great springboard for learning math concepts. Using scissors to cut is an excellent way to develop the find motor skills necessary to hold a pencil correctly. Music is a fun way to learn another language. Each part of our curriculum is intentional and designed to teach on multiple levels.

Family and community partnerships create meaningful connections. We welcome and encourage involvement from our families. From assisting the teacher to planning parties, special projects and fundraisers, there are many ways that you can contribute to your child’s education.

These key principles, combined with a well planned, thoughtful environment and warm, creative teachers provide the ideal learning environment for young children to learn, grow, play and excel in.

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Individual Learning Plans

The curriculum at Little Acorns Grow is designed to work with each student at their level. With a step-by-step learning approach students incorporate manipulatives and multi-sensory activities such as play-doh, blocks, magnetic letters, learning toys and books. We also include independent activity stations, art, music and rhymes, in addition to focused time with the teacher.

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Writing without tears

We are also proud to be incorporating the Writing Without Tears program which has been approved by educators around the world. The Handwriting Without Tears Program provides hands-on activities and good handwriting habits to develop strong writers.



Our early start kindergarten classes incorporates the wonderful Zoo-phonics system to identify letters and sounds.


Take a look at our videos by our wonderful teacher consultant Gloria Ramos Gonzalez to learn more about our program.


Little Acorns Grow Curriculum Part 1 – Understanding our Kindergarten and Early Start K literacy curriculum

Little Acorns Grow Curriculum Part 2 – Guided Reading for the non-reader

Little Acorns Grow Curriculum Part 3 – Guided Reading for the emergent reader